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The Practice


The Practice

This practice involves observation and understanding which you you incorporate into your everyday life. From this you gain a true understanding of your life. Therefore, positive change occurs organically and naturally as your authentic self emerges from inside the conditioning and manipulation that has taken over your life over the years.

This practice has a long and powerful background. It was developed from work by philosophers and psychologists such as Epictetus, Plato, Spinoza, Schopenhauer, G.I. Gurdjieff, Rina Hands, and Robert Daniel Ennis. In addition, in terms of psychology, it uses similar methods to Gestalt, a method of seeing the individual holistically. In conclusion, through this practice you gain power in understanding self, of others, and of what shapes the world.

Understanding the Practice

There are three aspects to understanding practice: body, mind, and emotions.

You exist; therefore, you are in your body. It sounds simple, but in fact it’s difficult to understand. How can you understand how your body is affected by outside stimuli and how it responds? Happily, in this practice, you will observe your body and understand how it is affected by its triggers.


To observe your mind is to understand the false stories that have been created by your imagination. And when your attention rests on your body and its local environment, you free yourself from troublesome images that cause constant emotional turmoil and physical stress.


Fear stands in the way of empowerment and hold you back from doing your best. It’s all too easy to complain endlessly about why things aren’t right for you. However, breaking out of the situations that stop you becoming powerful is a core aim of this practice.

Through observation and understanding you will see your practice develop, along with your self confidence, inner peace, emotional freedom, and power.

Foundation of The Practice

Martin Butler

This practice rests on the philosophical teachings of Martin Butler. Martin provides insight into our nature and that of the world around us. He worked for several years with Rina Hands, who, in turn, worked with Gurdjieff, and as such, he has direct lineage in the Gurdjieff work. He also worked inside Fourth Way and Zen schools. More recently, he has turned to the western philosophers. Transcendental Idealism by Kant and the work of Spinoza and Schopenhauer, amongst others, influence his understanding and teaching. Martin shares his wisdom on YouTube and Patreon.

If you want to know more about Martin, visit his website, where he deals with in-depth understanding of the human condition.

To see more about Martin Butler’s philosophy see his web site. Here you will find a great deal of in-depth information and gain more understanding about this practice:

Click Here fore Martin Butler’s Web Site

How can you understand life, yourself, and others, and lead a more fulfilling life? To Learn more about the practice:

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The Teacher

Deborah uses Martin Butler’s work on Gurdjieff, Spinoza, and Schopenhauer’s material. His practice also draws from Zen, the Stoics, and other traditional ideologies.
Deborah is a British Psychological Society member. She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, a BSc in Social Sciences, and an MSc in Education under her belt. Deborah is also a published author, lecturer, and trainer. Her main goal is to teach others about their own power to succeed and to recognize their own strength.
Her wealth of expertise as a coach and mentor means she has helped a lot of others attain their full potential, whether it’s in business, personal growth, or as a teacher.


We hardly understand our world and that causes pain and because we don’t understand, and eliminating this pain is almost impossible. With this in mind, we see plenty of resources on therapy, self-help, spiritual work, religion, and philosophy, but superficial coverage doesn’t provide long term benefits.

Deep understanding is needed to appreciate how you took on these burdens unwillingly throughout your life. For this reason it is important to do this practice and become who you truly are without carrying these burdens. 

People try to change to become a better self and contort themselves into another ill-fitting role. You are perfect as you are, be yourself and accept who you are. Don’t try to be a perfect copy of an imagined average. This approach of inner discovery is one of deep inquiry and practice.