Unlocking Personal Freedom Through Online Sessions

You As a Self-Observer

Gaining Insight Through Online Sessions

Using online sessions you unlock your hidden potential. You uncover your habits that didn't serve you and experience greater personal freedom.
You get practices and exercises that will help you to break free from your unhealthy conditioning and discover a liberated and empowered version of yourself.


This practice isn't for everyone. If you're not sure if you want to start this journey with me, begin with a 'no commitment' FREE half-hour session on Skype and receive free introductory documents to start yo on the journey, regardless of whether you choose to begin sessions.

In the free session, we can learn about each other your expectations. It's an opportunity for you to to dip your toes into the waters and decide if you're ready to dive into the practice further.

Remember that your own well-being is vital. It's about time you put yourself first.

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What's involved?

Unlock the door to your own freedom and begin an empowering journey that fits your wants and schedule. Free yourself from restrictions as we have deep one-on-one conversations about the specifics of your life and freedom.
You might think that not having enough time or lacking certain skills stops you from pursuing freedom, but this is not true. The work you do outside of sessions is part of your everyday life, so our sessions are made to fit easily into your busy schedule. This practice is about being flexible. You can go at your own pace, which means you can learn more whenever it works for you and gain a better understanding of your own freedom.

Student Testimonials

These are just some of the student testimonials, where individuals have found emotional freedom and inner peace and have unlocked their own power, paving the way for a more fulfilling and empowered way of living.

My Background

I am a practicing psychologist and a member of the BPSS with a BSc(Hons) in Psychology, a BSc in Social Sciences, and a Masters in Education. I have also studied and qualified in the practices of Gestalt, and Hypnotherapy.

Apart from this, I have a background in business at all levels and have taught from age 11 to University level. 

As a member of the Gurdjieff School in London for over 10 years, I have a deep understanding of Fourth Way practices. I have also studied the philosophies of Spinoza and Schopenhauer along with other philosophers too numerous to mention them all.

This practice has evolved from a lifetime of study and effort, with over 60 years of understanding in various disciplines through the work of Martin Butler and myself. 

Through this practice I will help you to get a better understanding of your life and enable you to navigate through life's ups and downs. I will help you create freedom and success from understanding, master emotional trauma, mental confusion, and physical pain.

I share with you the tools to empower yourself in fulfilling your life, no matter where you start from.

Deborah asks Martin Butler About Life

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