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Power and Success

Power and success are one and the same. If you have power, you are successful. Power depends on many things, like confidence, leverage and fearlessness. These are all personal qualities that can be harnessed through observation and understanding.  When you understand the dynamics of power you are able to use it for your own advantage and the advantage of others.

Fear limits you and prevents you from accessing your power. These blog articles will help you understand power, your power, the power of others, power in society and the power of existence.

To learn about Power it’s also useful to understand the consequences of dis-empowerment. Dis-empowered people are dangerous people. All sentient creatures crave power – to dominate the pack, to enhance survival prospects, to confer power to offspring.

The Wages Of Disempowerment by Martin Butler

How do I get Power and Success?

This work is based on understanding yourself and only through that understanding can you find your power which leads to success in areas that are important to you. Success for one person means a totally different thing to another. One person might feel they have success if they bring up a balanced family. Another might want to become famous. Power and success all depend on your own desires and ambitions.