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Freedom From Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Freedom is transforming your life by leaving behind self-limiting ideas. I help you understand and deconstruct the past and help you be who you really are and achieve the personal success you want in life for your future.

In this practice, you grow a deep insight into life, learn what you really want, and release flawed conditioning that drags you down.


Start off with a Free Half Hour Introductory Session via Skype to see if this is for you. Then you can decide if you want to explore further.

What is involved?

This form of training is the act of giving guidance, advice, and counsel to people who want to free themselves from their . It involves one-on-one guidance in order to increase your understanding of your personal freedom. Training is a valuable way for experts and knowledgeable professionals to impart knowledge to those looking to learn from them.

Some people might think that they don’t have time for learning about freedom because they’re too busy or don’t have the necessary skill set for it. The answer to this is that this study can happen whenever you have the time and availability for one-on-one conversations.

Your session is one hour long. After the session I will provide you with the audio recording of the session, along with exercises and feedback for greater understanding.

Sessions happen as often as you want and need. Initially most people start with weekly sessions and some then move to fortnightly or in some cases once every three months. How often the sessions are depends entirely on the student. It’s up to you. 

What to Expect?

During the session we explore how to replace fear and doubt with joy and happiness. You explore the cause of your setbacks and the part that others play in them. Insight comes through your own observations and understanding of your life. You develop your understanding of yourself, and others, and establish how being empowered moves you into a place of freedom and success.

Student Testimonials

Discover the transformative journey through student testimonials, where individuals have not just found emotional freedom and inner peace but have also unlocked their own power, paving the way for a more fulfilling and empowered way of living. Experience the profound impact of my therapeutic approach as shared by those who have embarked on a path of self-discovery and achieved lasting positive changes.

My Background

I am a practicing psychologist and a member of the BPSS with degrees in Psychology (Hons), Social Sciences, and a Masters in Education. I also have a background in business and entrepreneurship and have taught up to University level. 

As a member of the Gurdjieff School in London for over 10 years, I hold deep understanding of Fourth Way practices. I studied Spinoza and Schopenhauer along with other philosophies. This practice has evolved from a lifetime of study and effort, with over 60 years of understanding in various disciplines through the work of Martin Butler and myself. 

Through this practice I will help you to get a better understanding of your life and enable you to navigate through life’s ups and downs. I will help you create freedom and success from understanding, master emotional trauma, mental confusion, and physical pain. I share with you the tools to empower yourself in fulfilling your life, no matter from where you start.

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