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Outdated, Overused and Overworked

Emotional Freedom is being in your emotions and understanding them. Normally our emotions are a a roller coaster of pleasure and pain. When we have an up. a down will follow. How do we prevent these massive downs in our lives? 

How are you doing? Your emotions have that answer. We do need our emotions, because they monitor our ability to survive.

However, now we are past the simple need to survive and procreate, the emotions are out of balance. When humans were hunter-gatherers, we used emotions to know how well we were doing in the survival game. Yet they are often excessive, particularly when we are stressed because of them in the modern day world.  

Emotions give you a snapshot of your current state of survival. They monitor what gives you joy and what gives you pain. Your emotions are the perfect barometer for how life affects you right now.

So how do we deal with these excesses. – We understand them.

How do I Achieve Emotional Freedom?

Emotional slavery is responding to things that happen around you and for this reason you are a victim to your circumstances. By accepting your own part in the situation rather than blaming others, you are on the way to emotional freedom. Since you observe and understand your behavior, and that of others, blaming your trauma on others is a thing of the past. When you own your involvement with understanding, you become emotionally free.

Patterns tend to repeat again and again with different people in different situations. The only common factor is what happens to you.

As a child you’re built to survive for this reason you respond to your caregivers as they wish you to respond. Yet this no longer serves you as an adult.

As an adult you are still contorted from your true self because of your conditioning. This often results in inappropriate behavior and can come with an inner rage and resentment.

You don’t need to be like this. It’s not good for you or anyone around you physically, mentally or emotionally. To overcome this, the practice of observing and understanding your emotions will give you the power to be in control of your responses to other people. Being true to yourself is all that matters because through this you will be easier to be with.

This practice is centered on building your observation ‘muscle’. You will work with transformational exercises and observations to look into your own behavior and that of others. Above all, you will learn  to unlocking your emotional power and free yourself from damaging fears and emotions.

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