Power & Freedom

We are thrown around by pain, fear and emotions, and few are free.
Freedom cannot happen overnight. Anyone promising instant results is lying to you. Try everything else first before this work. 

Freedom, power, and peace, is possible through this practice. If you want this for yourself,  contact me.

Martin Butler

This practice is based on the work of Martin Butler. His understanding is the analysis of the study of existence and power. Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Kant, and Hegel were philosophers who recognized the true nature of existence. Eastern traditions such as Zen and the Fourth Way, also provide insight.

For you to apply this work, it is straightforward. Gain a better understanding of yourself and transcend your conditioned nature. This does not imply a heroic inward struggle.  Observation is the key to understanding and transcending the self. 

Study of existence is not an easy endeavour. It requires sustained effort and makes us vulnerable. The reasons for this are many but include the following:

  • Our conditioning is very strong, and resists change.
  • All answers are provisional, so there’s always a risk in our thought of being wrong.
  • Self-honesty can be very painful, especially with respect to our natural aggression and hatred towards others.

The rewards for honest study are considerable.

Through this work you become a steward for your own development. Testimonies show that those who use this practice, deconstruct their self-deception and gain an ultimate understanding of existence.

There are many reasons for studying existence, but I think one may be that it is an essential part of our humanity and, in the last analysis, our divinity.

Existence ends when we die, and we do not know when or how this will occur.

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