There are times when we all need help, when we might not be coping well with difficult circumstances, or carrying unresolved baggage from our past. 

As an experienced counsellor, I have helped many people through difficult times and helped them deal with issues that very often go back to childhood.

Happiness and freedom are possible, it just needs an increased understanding of ourselves and our lives.

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How I Work

Observation is the key to understanding yourself.

This work is straightforward and you do not need to engage in a heroic inner struggle to gain a better understanding of yourself and your conditioned nature.  

However, you need to apply sustained effort. The reasons for this are manyfold but include the following:

  • Our conditioning is very strong, and resists change.
  • All answers are provisional, so there’s always a risk in our thought of being wrong.
  • Self-honesty can be very painful, especially with respect to our natural aggression and hatred towards others.

The rewards for honest study are plentiful.

With this work you become a steward for your own development. Testimonies show that those who use this practice, deconstruct their self-deception and gain an true understanding of their existence.

There are many reasons for studying this , but one may be that it is essential for our own humanity and enabling us to deal with the world as it really is.

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Debbie Butler